Thank You Recent Board Retirees!

Nick Downs Retires

The Westfall Education Foundation wants to thank all the recent retiring WEF board members for their service to the board and the Westfall School District. Nick Downs (pictured with board president Chad Moehl) served on the board for the past eight years and has been instrumental in many ways, including audio/visual setup/operation at all events, electronic checkout/processing, and helping coordinate and plan for the Senior Honors Banquet and Scholarship Presentation.

Additionally, thank you to Stephanie Davey, Jill Riddle, and Beverly Kern. Stephanie joined the board in 2018, serving as the Vice-Chair from 2019-2020, and helped plan and coordinate our events during that time. Jill Riddle and Beverly Kern joined the board in 2018 and had critical roles in Party with a Purpose, Alumni Softball, and the Senior Honors Banquet and Scholarship Presentation.

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