Grant & Educational Project Application

Teachers and administrators may apply for educational project grants by completing the application below. Please follow the instructions noted on the application and submit to Westfall District Office C/O Westfall Education Foundation. WEF is committed to enhancing the existing education programs, partnerships, and collaborations to improve the quality of education for ALL CHILDREN in the Westfall Local Schools.

General Requirements

Before submitting your grant application, please complete the following checklist to ensure all of the required information has been included. Grant applications that are incomplete are difficult to process and are less likely to be approved in a timely fashion. 

  • The applicant is a Westfall Local School district administrator, teacher, staff, student or parent sponsored by certified staff.
  • The building principal has read, agreed to, signed and dated the proposal.
  • The Applicant Statement of commitment has been signed by all key personnel.
  • The authorized Westfall Education Foundation application form has been used. (Available through the Westfall District Office)
  • Grant application includes a comprehensive budget, to include all equipment, materials or services to be purchased.
  • Grant application is fully complete
  • Please submit only page two of this document (along with any supporting material) to the Westfall District Office C/O Westfall Education Foundation.




Teacher Appreciation Grant