Westfall Education Foundation Service Scholarship

The Westfall Education Foundation hosts their successful annual “Party With A Purpose” (PWAP) in February. The Westfall community has enabled us to continue to serve the Westfall Students through your generous support, by donating your services and talents to make the evening a success.  There were a few people that donated their time and talents far beyond our wildest imaginations by going the extra mile.

It is because of them and their selflessness, Westfall Education Foundation decided to create the Westfall Education Foundation Community Service Scholarship.  The scholarship will be awarded each year to a deserving graduating senior, on Honors Night. Each year the scholarship will be named in honor of a community member(s) who have donated their time and/or talent to further the mission of WEF.

Scholarship Application



  • Be a Westfall Senior who attends Westfall High School or Pickaway Ross Vocational School
  • High School Grade Point 2.5 or better
  • Complete application which is handwritten in ink and completed in full

Scholarship Recipients

2022 Emily Danielsson

2021 Jack Latham


2020 Community Honoree:  Cooke Metzger

2019 Community Honoree:  Dianne Williams

2017/2018 Community Honoree: Ginger Beard

2016/2017 Community Honoree: Steve & Emily Nelson