WEF Helps Purchase New Choral Risers for Middle and High School Students

Westfall Education Foundation awarded a grant of $2000 to Kyle Furness (choir director) to help purchase choral risers, which will be used by approximately 280 high school and middle school students each year.  Since Mr. Furness started his tenure at Westfall, he has seen a significant increase in singers in 6th through 12th grades. The increase in participation combined with the age and awkwardness of the old risers prompted the need to invest in something new. The new risers accommodate more students as well as increased portability and stability.  

The risers are used throughout the school year in their Fall, Winter, and Spring Performances, in addition to multiple rehearsals. Risers pictured above. 

In addition to WEF’s grant, students had a fundraiser which brought another $2000 towards the cost of the risers combined with additional funding from the Westfall Boosters and South Central Power.  We hope students are able to enjoy the risers for years to come!