2019 Teacher Appreciation Grant

Teacher Appreciation Grant

The teacher appreciation grant will be awarded to two teachers from each school, WES, WMS, & WHS—one will receive $500 and one $250.The grant funds must be spent on classroom resources that will directly impact student needs.

Eligible Educators: An educator is eligible to receive this grant if they are a full-time Westfall Local Schools employee or Pickaway Ross off-campus teacher, and works directly with students at least 75% of the time. Principals nor Administrators are eligible to receive this grant.

How to Apply: The Teacher Appreciation Grant Application must be submitted via nomination. The Nominator must complete the application, provide a detailed response to the essay question, and identify how they know the Educator. Possible nominators include: Any individual that has interacted with the Educator in the past or currently; i.e. past student, parent, co-worker, community stakeholder.

The Educator nominated should possess the following qualities:

Passion for teaching
Understands the role of a school in a child’s life
Strong work ethic that doesn’t quit
Creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom
Warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring
Love of children
Instructs students in a format that allows the students to learn