2017 Scholarships Awarded

Westfall Education Foundation (WEF) considers it an honor and privilege to award scholarships. The Westfall Service Scholarship was awarded to Hannah Conner and in addition, a designated Service Award in Honor of Dr. Paul Fenstermaker, awarded to Macrae Conrad. The Foundation is also responsible for holding funds for the following scholarships and their recipients:



W.E.F. Service Scholarship Hannah Conner
W.E.F.  Fenstermaker Service Scholarship Macrae Conrad
William Mitchell Aldrich  Music Memorial Scholarship Cierra Colahan
Scott Hiles Memorial Scholarship-Male Paul Link
Scott Hiles Memorial Scholarship-Female Cierra Colahan
Florence Belcher/Paul List Memorial Scholarship Logan Eversole
Lanman/Massie Memorial Scholarship Katie Powers & Holley Webb


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